Friday, September 25, 2009

“Teamwork divides the task...

...and multiplies the success." - Anonymous

How true.

Most people will see the above postcard and think it's about Homecoming. For me, it will always represent a great example of teamwork at St. Luke's.

Jodi, our alumni director, stated a need on Thursday, and by the end of Friday, we had this beautiful postcard. Zoe, our communications director, added her resources to ours, even though her office was stacked, as was mine. Jodi wrote the catchy text, Desiree designed a stunning layout, Jane arranged the printing, Sarah got us the alumni mailing list, and we all proofread and edited our way to the finish line.

There is no way my office would have been able to produce such an eye-catching mailer to gain the attention of our alumni base.

What was extraordinary as well was the camaraderie. Despite everyone's workload, people pulled together with purpose -- and a smile.

Thank you to Zoe, Desiree, Jane, Sarah, and Jodi.

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  1. How good of you to write about our team work in your blog! It was an amazing adventure, ideas flying all about, phones ringing, emails beeping, and all the while an idea came to life! I have to say I was exhausted at the end of it, because my adrenaline runs high when I'm doing anything creative! I'm just so glad everyone was happy with the end result....I'm sure it won't be the last time we have a 'crunch time' project, so it's great to know that we have such an amiable group to work with. Thanks, Ninette!