Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ready, Set ...

After the quiet of the summer, it's refreshing to hear the clink of silverware among the easy, relaxed conversations of my colleagues at lunchtime. The faculty are back, and in the blink of an eye, the once empty hallways are shedding their summer silence. The air is buzzing with the energy of new ideas and engaged minds focused on the craft of teaching.

Like clockwork, the school year begins its familiar rhythm, starting with all-day faculty meetings that precede the official opening of school.

Amid new faculty introductions, CPR training, and the dreaded annual sexual harrassment training (which actually wasn't that bad as it was delivered by presenter extraordinaire CAIS Head Doug Lyons), our Head of School Mark Davis led us into the school year with some inspirational words and guidance.

Mark said, "We have to get better at what we do."

Since I've been here, this spirit of continuous improvement and attitude of striving has been consistent and as permanent as the horizon.

As a parent, I am thrilled that this school does not want to sit on its laurels but wants to model what it asks its students to do -- to continually explore and investigate new avenues of thinking, to develop and master new skills, and to continually push the boundaries so as to reach their full potential as scholars and as people.

As an employee, I am energized to be part of the history of this institution, playing my own small but hopefully vital role to advance this wonderful and unique place, St. Luke's School. Not only is this personally fulfilling to me, but I know that getting better will benefit my children and children generations from now.

Isn't that cool?

Mark talked about leadership, collaboration, and teamwork. We'll be working on these things this year, as we know all of these skills are important to our students now and in their future work environments. With the high hopes and optimism that always accompany new beginnings, let us start this fascinating journey. I can't wait to ... GO!

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