Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Six Habits Worth Having

The new students and families are here for new student orientation, and what a wonderful bunch they are! St. Luke's is lucky to attract so many enthusiastic, kind, and supportive families who make this community the down-to-earth, genuine, and unique place that it is.

In Mark's send-off speech today, he encouraged the new kids to engage in 6 habits. I love this reminder myself, because the advice applies to everyone, young and old:

1) Work hard.
2) Be responsible for your actions.
3) Take risks.
4) Be curious.
5) Embrace differences.
6) Show concern for others.

I was able to meet several new parents during the morning orientation. Sachi, a lovely mother who is obviously skilled in empathy and reading between the lines, shared with me that St. Luke's feels to her a school like no other in the area. She used the words "authentic" and "real".

I completely agree.

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