Thursday, September 10, 2009

Get Back to Basics

I'm a professional fundraiser. And I've been around for awhile.

It means I'm quite knowledgeable about fundraising and all the details that go with it. Systems and policies. Data and volunteer management. Development writing and prospect research. Planned giving and financial analysis. Ethics and events. Campaigning.

These are critically important.

Yet in the planning and executing, sometimes the most important thing of all can get lost.

Philanthropy at its core is about love of mankind. In fact, that's what the word means. It's about connection. Community. Lifting up. Being part of something bigger.

So we're getting back to basics this year. Person to person. Heart to heart. Really talking. Really listening.

And my soul sings in joy.


  1. Ninette,

    I couldn't agree more about your thoughts about philanthropy. I work with 3 or 4 organizations that always need support. They have learned that personal connection, integrity and a shared purpose is what keeps them going.

  2. Thanks, Webcoot. It's true that people give to people!