Thursday, October 22, 2009


One of the best things about St. Luke's is that colleagues are friends. We work hard together, but we always make time to laugh and to enjoy each other's company.

While I have two siblings who are brothers, I have brothers here too. They tease me, give me advice, encourage me, and scold me. I always look forward to seeing them and deeply respect their intelligence, talent, and what they do for St. Luke's.

Two of my brothers are Dale Griffa and Rick Holyfield.

On Facebook, I said I loved Dale, and he wrote back that I should join the All Hail Dale Griffa fan club. Thinking he was joking, I laughed to myself and went to create a Facebook group of the same name.

He wasn't joking.

A student created the group, and I was the 154th person to join. Go figure. I should have known students love Dale as I do. He's strict and demands the best from his students, but he cares deeply about his kids.

Rick and I came to St. Luke's within a few months of each other. I came in late February, he in July. In September, he pulled me aside and said, "Okay, Ninette, when am I going to see the 'real' St. Luke's." I replied, "I've been here six months, and I think this IS the real St. Luke's. Everyone is nice, friendly, hardworking, and committed."

Seven years later, Rick and I are still here.

Rick is funny, honest, and a wonderful public speaker. He's also done so much to integrate everyone into the community and make sure they feel welcome.

Bravo to my brothers.

Even though they are a big pain in my side. ;)

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