Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Serving the Elderly at Edgehill

I am so proud of my girls! For Community Service Day, a day which the whole Upper School devotes to serving non-profits in the area, Julia Gabriele and I took our advisory students to Edgehill, a facility for th elderly.

The morning was devoted to doing arts and crafts with Edgehill residents. A few of the girls worked with the elderly who were in assisted living and coping with early forgetfulness/dementia and the other girls worked with residents who were in the medical unit. They treated each individual with dignity, respect, and compassion, making friendly conversation and engaging with each person. They worked very well as a team, ebbing and flowing with each other and among different activities.

In addition, the girls planned a talent show on their own in advance of going to Edgehill, which they executed beautifully. They even adjusted their show effortlessly as one resident, Mary, who "called it as she saw it," wanted something other than what they prepared. Michelle and Campbell, our juniors, did a great job leading the girls in the show.

Click here to see the video of their performance.

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The girls did themselves, their families, and St. Luke's proud.

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