Friday, March 20, 2009

Annual Fund Helps with an Electronic Lift for ESS

We've been grateful that some of our parent donors took the time to dash off their Annual Fund gifts before Spring Break. This is a boost in the arm for us in the office, as we watch donations that come in be immediately put to good use.

Over spring break, the tennis courts are being prepared to be used as tennis courts, after their fall stand-in as a parking lot. Fields are being groomed, while the teams were out in Florida for spring training.

The most exciting event for me is that we are able to put an electronic lift for Gerry, our director of Educational Support Services. He's been a true champion, pulling himself up the stairs every day, multiple times a day, to get to his office, as we tried to work with the town for permits and with funding sources, to make sure his workspace was more easily accessible. Of course, this will be of great benefit for any student who happens to be on crutches.

The Annual Fund is down 9% this year from last year, no surprise given the economy. We hope everyone is okay, and we want to know that we're with you and support you as you have supported us. Everyone's donations are critical, so we thank everyone who continues to support us to the best of their abilities even as times are uncertain. Great things still can happen for our children here, and will happen.

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